Keep The Home Fires Burning — Nov. 8-9, 2014

MMV produced “Keep The Home Fires Burning” at Next Act Theatre in 2014 with its resident singer group, In Good Company.

Adverse times in our lives such as unemployment, poverty or the worst of them all – war, are cruel affairs for all of those involved. That’s the downside. The upside is the creativity that has emanated from these bad times – be they scientific, or as in our presentation, musical words and melodies; songs that are remembered for years after the ‘wars’ have ended, and become part of our common psyche. Interspersed with these musical moments are some peculiarly funny times. Maybe this is the way we keep our sanity and make life go on, regardless?

The concept for this show was triggered by the 100 year anniversary of the beginng of the First World War. What emerged as the show developed was a realization of how differently we deal with adverse times then and now. As we move through the 100 years the songs change, relationships between people change, ways of communicating change, and a different form of reality emerges.

How do we live while our friends and neighbors are in peril? Do we hold their mementos close to our hearts and wait? Do we ignore the world at large? Or do we distract ourselves from the brutal realities? The plight of the victims, be  hey the unemployed, or the poor, or combatants, is well documented, but we tend to ignore the impact conflict of all sorts has on their friends and families. This is very much their – and our story. Join us as we illustrate the American experience during the last 100 years.


  • Mallory Metoxen (Director)

  • Joanna H. Kerner (Playwright)

  • Brittany Curran (Actor)

  • Joe Piccheti (Actor)


  • Trefor Williams (Musical Director)

  • Karen Schulteis (Lead Keyboard)

  • Lou Cucunato (Keyboard)

  • Craig Gullicksen (Bass Guitar)

  • Scott Wenzel (Drums)

  • In Good Company (Chorus)